"The Force Killerz" (often shortened into simply FK) is one of the oldest alliance in SW. It was founded a few months after the game was released and it's leader at the time was ERA though he and Reaver were constantly throwing the title at each other. The alliances main players at the time were ERA, Reaver, Lord Darth Szpieg and a few others.

The 1st clear-out Edit

At one point someone pointed out that ERA was most likely a spy since he had a officer within the Black Knights (BK in short) but the FK and the BK were competing for the first rank on the alliance page. ERA became more and more unpopular within the alliance and many people simply quit. ERA then appointed Gilgamesh35 the title of Leader. Gilgamesh, unlike ERA, knew what he wanted for his alliance, and as many of the members were inactive, he simply threw them out leaving the alliance with less than half of their previous members.

The 2nd clear-out Edit

Since the 1st clear-out, there was a new feature in the game, a second in command (always referred to as 2iC). The first 2iC was Darth Poo (he then changed his name and became known as Spicy McHaggins) and he and Gilgamesh made a new alliance forum, since the old one only had a few of the remaining members using it. However, there were a few inactives left so the new leader decided to have another clear-out by having every active member sign up on the new forums. The alliance soon rose in power again as Spicy was (and is) one of the top players. Things looked bright for the FK but when Spicy decided to quit, the alliance dropped greatly in power. After that Gilgamesh appointed Spacius as the new 2iC

The Alliance Today Edit

After Spacius became 2iC things became very quiet in the alliance. The members rose steadily in power and were doing very well. However, some players couldn't play anymore due to personal matters and some simply stopped playing or were at least inactive on the forums and on the alliance page. Spacius then left the alliance to join the Brotherhood of Nod and left the alliance without a 2iC. A couple of weeks later, Bjossi became the new 2iC due to him gaining a Supporter Status. The remaining members are:
Gilgamesh35 (Leader)
Bjossi (2iC)

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