Rules and User Guide


  • Only one account per person, per game server.
  • No automated processes, macros, scripts or other 'non human being' run account activity is allowed.
  • No sharing or giving out your account details to others.
  • No logging into other peoples accounts.
  • Attempts to break into accounts, the game, or otherwise disrupt or slow down the game, or server, are strictly illegal.
  • Using bugs or exploits of any kind, or knowing of and not reporting bugs or exploits, is illegal.
  • Spamming your recruiting link, or anything else related to or using our name or site, is illegal. Share the site, but please do *so respectfully.
  • Do not use proxies, but this will only be punished if other violations are found also.
  • Any breaking of the rules can result in punishment, suspension, banning, account deletion, or banning of your entire ISP.


The game is turn-based, with 10 action turns occurring every thirty minutes. Upon each turn, you generate a certain amount of in-game currency and population. You can use the currency for everything from training your population, increasing your military, to upgrading technology. You must guard this well, for the more you have, the more likely it is that someone will try and attack you to take it! In turn, though, you can use your action turns to attack other players, to get their resources, or simply cause destruction within their realms.

Population is gained from increasing your population growth rate (on the 'population' management screen), generate a small income on their own, and are also trainable into the various unit types in the game. Either on their own, or trained into higher income producing units, these units (and therefore population growth) is critical to grow your realm, and should be a primary focus when starting.

Common QuestionsEdit

  • Why am I losing currency and population? You are most likely being attacked by other players. To check this go to your Historic Battles page.
  • Where did my military units go to? Yet again the most likely answer is someone is attacking you using the Assassinate feature. To check this go to your Intel Reports page.
  • How come I am not ranked? Rankings are only calculated at the end of every turn and you will have to wait till the end of the turn to see your new rank.

(If you had questions when you first started and they were not listed here or anywhere else in help, please tell us via a topic in the suggestions on the forums or email support. Thanks)

Terms and DefinitionsEdit

The following terms, and definitions, can be found in one, some or all of the multiverse universes. General Terms:

These are terms that you can find in all of the games.

Action Turns: (attack turns) Every turn you will get new action turns to use. You use them to attack other players to steal their currency, spy on other players, or other kind of attacks. Also extra turns can be obtained from recruitment link.

Commander: The commander is a leader of an officer, and a player can only have 1 commander.

Link: (recruitment link) This is the link at the bottom of your home page. You give this link to friends and every time they click the link it will give you 10 action turns. This is limited to one click per person per day with an overall limit of 150 clicks per day. And if you get your friends to join by your link you will get a percent of your daily unit production.

Military Unit: A group of 1 to millions of the same military unit type. A military unit can have a unit commander.

Officer: The officer is under the commander. A commander can have multiple officers.

Population Growth: Your population growth is the number of general population units (each race has their own type) you generate daily. Increasing your Pop Growth will ensure you grow rapidly as the game goes on.

Protected: When you first create your account, your account will be under a protection. During this time your account will be immune to all attacks by others for the duration of the protection. You can also obtain this protection by supporting the site which will give you protection for two days each time you support.

Rank: This is how strong you are compared to others. First your attack, defense, and covert power are ranked against others, and then with these three ranks your overall rank is calculated. So to have a high overall rank, you must have all three of your individual ranks high to have your overall rank high.

Reputation: Your realms reputation in the universe. It grows more quickly as you gain in rank, with a minimum rank needed for any growth in reputation.

Superpower Level: This is an upgrade that will take a very long time to upgrade, with each upgrade costing more and more. When you upgrade this, it will unlock new military unit types which will be more powerful than those you currently have. Also, this upgrade will multiply all your four stats (attack, defense, covert, income) by the current level. So level 2 will make all your stats 2x as strong and level 3 will make them 3x as strong (as level 1), and so on.

Turn: (tick) Every 30 min a turn goes by, at which point you will get resources, action turns, population, and ranks are updated. This turn will happen all day long even while you are not online.

Unit Commander: A Unit Commander is the named leader of one military unit type. When named, their exploits are recorded (battles, wins, loses). More features may be added to the military unit leader in future. Setting a new unit commander, dismissing a unit completely, or losing an entire unit to an enemy will erase this history.

Universe: This is where you go to find all other players in the game. Here all players in your game will be ranked in ascending order. The term also refers to the specific game universe (opposed to the multiverse which encompasses all gaming universes.)

Vacation: If you will be away from the game for an extended period you have the option of putting your account into a vacation status. There is a minimum of 2 days in vacation mode. When you put your account in vacation it will remain in vacation until you login next after the two days. While in vacation your account is frozen and no time will pass, no turns generate, and you cannot be touched by other players.

Troop and Fleet Sizes:

Team: 2 to 5 individual units

Fire Team: 5 or so individual units

Squad or Crew: about 10 individual units

Patrol or Section: about 10 individual units

Platoon: 20 to 50 individual units

Troop or Company: 60 to 300 OR 1000 units- depending on context (generally 1000 weaker units like ground troops or 60-300 stronger ones like starships)

Battilion: 200 to 1000 individual units

Squadron: about 1000 individual units

Regiment: 2000 to 3000 individual units

Brigade: 3000 to 6000 individual units

Division: 10,000 to 20,000 individual units

Corp: 30,000 to 50,000 individual units

Army Group: 100,000 +/- individual units

Theatre: 200,000+ individual units

(If there were terms when you first started that were hard to understand, please tell us via a topic in the suggestions on the forums or email support. Thanks)

Universe And Race Specific Terms


Currency: Energon. Currency varies per universe. Some use a monetary based currency, some an energy based currency - although in all cases it is a summary of wealth where wealth equates to the ability to increase your realm power, production and efficiency. Currency will always be converted to and accounted for in your own universes standards. Race: Transformers AutoBot Imbued with the spark of life, born of metal and energon within a history of building and running civilizations, these beings are a powerful combination of intelligence and construction. Able to change between robot and alternate form, ranging in size from miniscule to galactic, and built to fight, the Autobot have vowed to protect the universe from their nihalistic opponents. And that they will! SuperPower Measure: Generation. Every time a transformer is built/rebuilt, more is known than the previous time, and improvements in design, power, size, efficiency and resistance can be made. By focusing energy and effort into Generation (Gen) research, you can improve on the effectiveness of all aspects of your population. Units: General Population - Robot Laborers - Maintenance Drone Covert Intelligence - InfiltrationBot Offensive In Training - WarriorBot Components Defensive In Training - GuardianBot Components Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Attack Drone: A very basic, almost mindless, robot drone designed to attack all enemies is sight.
    Autobot: A truly living robot, imbued with the spark of life, capable of great firepower and also able to transform into vehicle mode. Each one has an individual personality and vehicle transformation. Although varying in size and weight, a typical Autobot would be 10 meters high, and 5,000 kilograms.
    Dinobot: Built on the principle of maximum power, these robotic beasts are dedicated, destructive and incredibly strong. Opposed to vehicles, they transform between robot and various dinasour modes.
    Mini-Con Enhanced Autobot: The Minicon or Minibot is a separate geneology within the Transformers Race. They have the unique power to combine with an existing Transformer, greatly increasing its power. This duo should be feared individually, and very feared combined!
    Aerialbot Gestalt: A Gestalt is a combination that is greater than its parts. In this case, individual Aerialbot class Autobots, each capable of transforming between jets and robot, can further combine to form a singel, huge, robot form transformer of the Superion Class. Nobody should ignore a 50,000 kilogram, 30 meter highly destructive transforming warrior!
    Metroplex Gestalt: Gestalts being more than their parts, the autobots that combine to form the Metroplex class Transformer are certainly that. More. Transforming from giant robot, into a giant heavily armed battle station weighing over 100,000 kilograms and 100 meters wide, their offensive power is enough to threaten any enemy! 
    Vector Primean: A near planet sized transformer, capable of transforming between robot and mobile spacestation, the series' creation dates back to original creation of the Transformerverse. A Vector Primean,infused with the living material of the very multiverse itself, knows of the subtle mathematics that govern all that is, from the spin of galaxies to the movement of sub-atomic particles. Able to alter the flow of time, dictate probability, and otherwise alter realities flow, this autobot warrior is far scarier than his immensity warrants. 

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Defence Drone:A very basic, almost mindless, robot drone designed to defend against all attacking enemies.
    Guardian Robot:A semi conscious robot droid, designed specifically for powerful defense, with firepower to match. At 12 meters tall, hovering 1 meter over the ground, even at 7,500 kilograms, these defensive forces cannot be taken too lightly...
    TechnoBot Gestalt:Brawn may conquer brain, but in the case of the autobot Technobots, designed to combine into a Computron class transformer, you get both. Incredibly huge, and also incredibly smart. The tactician of defense, it will be almost impossible to beat the Computron class transformer by cunning, leaving only pure force. And on that front, at 25 meters in height, and 25,000 kilograms, with weapons to match... good luck.
    Protectobot Gestalt:A team of specifically designed emergency response vehicle transformers, able to transform between robot and emergency vehicle, or combine together to form the Defensor class transformer, defense does not get much stronger. The Defensor class transformer, at 40 meters high, and 40,000 kilograms, with multiple high powered weapons, may suck a lot of energon but provides a solid wall of defense - even with just one unit! Be sure to look up when attacking, or end up face down...
    Fortress Maximus:A specialized defensive Autobot, transforming between gigantic robot and defensive fortress, the Fortress Maximus class transformer is a walking armory. All energon powered retractable pulse cannons, wrist-mounted twin automatic machine gun batteries, dual laser-guided mortars in his legs, two heat-seeking laser blasters and a fusion-powered photon rifle mean that in terms of firepower, lookout! Additionally, this station provides support for other defensive units. All in all, most would rather face the full army of a nation, than one Fortress Maximum class transformer!
    Planetron:What is bigger than a nation? Stronger than an army? More feared than a natural disaster? The answer is a Planetron class transformer- a planet sized, fully armed, transformer than can alternate between planet mode and robot mode. Not much more needs to be said than that one should be VERY prepared before assulting a cosmic scale Autobot defender! 

Race: Transformers Decepticon Born of metal, energon and the desire for a superior military force, then imbued with the dark spark of life, these agressive self-conscious, self-willing and now self-reproducing beings are the self declared rightful rulers of the galaxy. Might makes right. The only thing stopping their rightful rise to power is the petty Autobots, and a little infighting. When the strongest Decepticon emerges, the galaxy will surely fall to rule as a god! SuperPower Measure: Generation. Every time a transformer is built/rebuilt, more is known than the previous time, and improvements in design, power, size, efficiency and resistance can be made. By focusing energy and effort into Generation (Gen) research, you can improve on the effectiveness of all aspects of your population. Units: General Population - DarkBot Laborers - Mining Drone Covert Intelligence - InfiltrationBot Offensive In Training - DestroyerBot Components Defensive In Training - DefensorBot Components Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Mini-Cassette Attacker: A subclass transformer, these units typically serve another master. While small, typically human sized or smaller, they are not without attack prowess and can not be ignored.
    Insecticon: A particularily annoying decepticon model, these offensive transformers can move between smaller robot and giant insect form. Able - like insects - to eat away at almost anything, they are more than capable of crushing even solid defences. Rumor has it that they may also be able to mentally affect their enemies, ontop of being an offensive force that -at least in larger numbers- challenges even the strongest denenses. After all, who really likes bugs? Let alone metallic monster bugs...
    Terrorcon: Who is afraid of monsters? No? How about giant, robotic energon powered monsters? Meet the Terrorcons. Decepticons who transform between robot and mythical or real monsters, these powerhouse offensive class transformers are just what everyone fears. Fueled with the weaponry of a transformer, or the matching offensive of the monster they transform into, avoidance is always suggested over confrontation. And that is not even to mention the freak accident that is an Abominus gestalt...
    HorrorCon Duo: If you thought a Terrorcon was bad... well.. meet the HorrorCon. Designed to intimidate, scare, terrify and otherwise freak, the Terrorcon class decepticon is exactly that -horror. Transforming between robot, and your worst nightmare, they cannot and willnot be ignored. Match that with more destructive force than you nightmares ever had, a mass able to dislocate a city, and an attitude to match, and you have your Horrocon. Then imagine a duo formed of two of these nightmares. Then you only begin to understand...
    Commando Gestalt: A team of dark sparked Decepticons, these transformers alternate between light military vehicles and robot mode. Individually, they are very powerful. Together, though, they also form a gestalt of the Ruination class. A gestalt being a new entity - composed of a combination of parts - that is far greater than the sum of its individual parts. Thus this 35 meter high, 55,000 kilo+ Ruination class combined transformer is a huge, military warrior capable of much destruction and far more feared than the precombined form! 
    Combaticon Gestalt: These transformers alternate between heavy military vehicles - designed, like all vehicles of war - for maximum firepower and strength - and robot mode. Individually, they are incredibly powerful, and cover the gambit of military specialities. Together, though, they also form a gestalt of the Bruticus class. Not particularily smart, but a model fighter, the 50 meter high, 100,000 kilo+ Bruticus class gestalt is one of the mightiest destructive warriors one can meet!
    Unicronion: When offense grows to galactic proportions, the Unicronion class transformer is the one to fear. Alternating between a full planet, large enough to support moons in its orbit, and a planet sized robot, with firepower to match, very few can stand up to this assult. What can you do against an offensive planet? Try to fight or escape, ...although entire civilizations have died trying both...

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Centurion Drone:An automated defensive drone prgrammed to attack anything in its proximity.
    Decepticon Guard:No decepticon likes to be stuck on guard duty, but it has to be done. These dark sparked transforming robots, alternating between vehicle mode and robot mode, 10 meters high, and 5,000 kilograms on average, comprise a significant obstacle to attacking!
    Stunticon Gestalt:The Stunticon class decepticon is a class feared for their psychotic behavior and capability to wreak havoc and do death-defying vehicular stunts. Agile and reckless, powerful and fearless, they are a force one cannot ignore. Additionally, together they combine to form a powerful giant robot of the Menasor class. The power of this class is far superior to the ability to use it effectively, since the gestalt -composed of reckless and individualistic components- is not able to maintain external focus for long...
    Constructicon Gestalt:Individually a collection of constuction vehicles, each tranforming between robot and construction vehicle mode, these are strong and sturdy defenders, capable of using their abilities to further reenforce any defence as well as fighting. The true power of the Constructicon Gestalts, though, is when combined together to form the incredibly powerful Devastator class gestalt. Much more powerful than the combined transformers, the Devastator class robot is brutality in its purest form with a sole purpose to destroy anything and everything confronts him. While the power of the Devestator is unquestionable, this particular gestalt does sacrifice speed and logic to unleash the raw power it contains. 
    Trypticon Base:A monstrosity of a Decepticon, the Trypticon class transformer is multifunctional and incredibly dangerous. Naturally a huge command base, this class of transformer can alternate between a full city, a huge mobile battle station, and a larger than should be Tyrannosaurus Rex, each mode with a full arsonal of weaponry. Weighing over 120,000 kilograms and 100's of meters wide, one would be incredibly foolish to confront even one of these defensive giants without fully understanding the destruction one would be inviting...
    CyberPlanicon:Whereas Gia may be the 'living earth', CyberPlanicon is also a living planet, populated by Decepticons, and fully armed with planetary defences itself. This class of transformer weighs in at planetary scales, transforming betweeen normal planet mode, and defensive combat mode where entire buildings, mountains, and structures can turn into weaponry and shielding of immense strength and power. You must ask yourself, are you ready and able to defeat a fully armed planet with a grudge? For make no mistake, if you approach with hostile intent, you will be soliciting these beings' hatred and galactic might...


Currency: Galactic Credits. Currency varies per universe. Some use a monetary based currency, some an energy based currency - although in all cases it is a summary of wealth where wealth equates to the ability to increase your realm power, production and efficiency. Currency will always be converted to and accounted for in your own universes standards. Race: StarWars Jedi The ultimate warriors of the positive Force within the universe, these valliant knights will always fight for the good. Tapping into and using the Force, their powers are limited to the power of the universe itself...insofar as they can control it. They live within a military and societal framework of those loyal to the ways of the Old Republic - including the Rebel Alliance. The true Jedi are the pinnicle -and benevolent leaders- of that framework. SuperPower Measure: The Force. The Force is everywhere. It is life. It is existence. And it can be weilded! Almost infinite in power, the force can greatly increase all that can be achieved, all that is, and can be. The only limitation one has in obtaining infinite power, is weilding it within ones own form. For afterall, the infinite cannet be held in a finite being. A Jedi society can improve thier ability to use the force through biology and training...a mix of continual training - for all in society, not just warriors - to use the force, and adding a chemical to the water or food supply that increases the midi-chlorian in the bloodstream, will bring a whole society forward within the force. For the force affects everyone, whether they know it or not. Units: General Population - People of Light Laborers - Labourers Covert Intelligence - Jedi MindBenders Offensive In Training - Jedi Warrior Padawan Defensive In Training - Jedi Guard Padawan Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Rebel Trooper Assult Company: The Rebel Alliance is a subset of the population, who have joined the organized resistance against evil, and led by the Jedi Order. This company is led by a Jedi Knight, given some basic Jedi Training (were once Padawan of a lower order), and remain aggressively individualistic. Armed with a mix of Blaster Pistols or Rifles, and some thermal detonators, the men and women of the Rebel Alliance were fiercely dedicated to the principle of freedom, fearless to lay down their lives. Some were Imperials disillusioned with tyranny. Some were from worlds subjugated by the Empire.
    Jedi Knight Assult Company: A troop comprised exclusively of Jedi who have progressed to the rank of Knight...They are armed with lightsabers, can use the Force, and are a highly ingenious, dedicated, and overall a very destructive force...yes force.
    X-Wing Fighter Troop: A mix of Jedi Ace and Rebel Alliance piloted, the X-Wing can be the core of the Jedi Order Forces. The sleek fuselage of the X-wing starfighter is 12.5 meters long, flanked in the aft by four massive realspace engines. The wings not only serve as stabilizer surfaces in air travel, but also distribute deflector shield energy and serve as weapons mounts for laser cannons and proton torpedoes. Behind the X-wing's cockpit is an astromech socket and droid, which can provide astrogation data for the fighter's hyperdrives, and serves as a co-pilot and technician during flight. A troop is 100 fighters.
    Jedi Starfighter Troop: While the ship does employ weapons, most Jedi Aces prefer to rely on their cunning and attunement to the Force to avoid aggression and cause chaos within enemy ranks. A truncated astromech droid is hard-wired into the starfighter's port side, providing repair and navigation information to the Jedi pilot. On each fighter, lining the inner edges of the ship are powerful long-barreled laser cannons. The ship has secondary cannons recessed on the outer edge of each side, the craft wingtips could fold open, revealing hexagonal panels when the ship enters combat mode. The ship is dangerous. The Jedi Ace pilot is dangerous. 200 of them - the standard troop size for this vessel - are at least 2000 times more dangerous.
    B-Wing StarFighter Battalion: Odd-looking yes, but as powerful as it is odd. The ship's structure is almost entirely taken up by its primary airfoil, which houses a cylindrical cockpit on one end, an engine cluster in the center, and a heavy weapons pod at its base. Weapons include laser cannons, proton torpedoes, and ion cannons. It is a Heavy Assult StarFighter in all respects. Piloted by a Jedi, each is deadly. 100 of them, a standard count for this unit, a lot more so... 
    Jedi Weapons Master Assult Company: Rarely do the Jedi Masters leave their stations - and even more rarely do they do so in numbers...but...during times of war, dire times call for dire measures. The Jedi Weapons Masters are specially trained in warfare, using the force for warfare, yet still maintain the rank of Jedi Master. With hundreds of Jedi Weapons Masters, working in cooperation and channeling their collective force, not even starbases can ignore this threat. Able to collectively move, crush or otherwise influence even huge physical objects, masters of close combat with lightsabers, remote manipulation of any weapon, and experts in finding the weak points in any defence, the Jedi Weapons Master Assult Company is one of the most effective offenses in the galaxy. The Company employs a mix of fighters, freighters, cargo ships and other transports for travel, but the power of the supporting vessels is really insignificant compared to that of the Jedi Weapons Masters...
    Jedi Star Cruiser: At 1,200 meters long, these immense vehicles lack hard angles, and are covered with ovoid forms suggesting an organic sculpture. Despite their smooth lines, these vessels pack an enormous punch. Turbolasers, ion cannons, tractor beam projectors and shield generators dot the flowing surface of the ships. A full compliment on this ship includes multiple Jedi Knight Assult Companies, multiple Jedi StarFighter Troops, a Jedi Weapons Master Assult Company, and numerous Rebel Alliance Companies to perform the more mundane tasks, the Jedi packed Star Cruiser is the most feared Jedi unit, able to use the Force, starship weapons, support fighters, and its significant defences.

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Rebel Trooper Guard Company:The Rebel Alliance is a subset of the population, who have joined the organized resistance against evil, and led by the Jedi Order. This company is led by a Jedi Knight, and given some basic Jedi Training (were once Padawan of a lower order). Armed with a mix of Blaster Pistols or rifles, and some thermal detonators, the men and women of the Rebel Alliance are fearless to lay down their lives in defence of their home or base, or any other objective that serves their cause.
    Anti Infantry Laser Battery:A series of cylindrical gun towers painted in the same color as the surrounding landscape. Manned by brave Rebel Guards, these cannons provide massive defensive laser fire during any assult. Despite its name, the turrets on the towers can be pointed to the sky....
    Jedi Knight Brute Company:A squadron of Jedi knights, sworn to defend their base with whatever means they have available to them - and these means are many. Armed with blasters and double bladed lightsabers, and of course the power of the force, this wall of defense can be impenetrable to any but the very powerful offenses.
    Heavy Ion Cannon Battery:Similar in design to the Laser Battery, but far larger and housed in the ground opposed to on towers. While a single shot will surely stop a portion of a ground force, it is likely easily absorbed by a ships shields, or avoided entirely. But, these huge, manned, Ion Cannons can destroy starships, ground troop regiments, and anything else in their range, given enough of them...
    Battle Cruiser StarShip:At a length of around 1,500 meters, a Hull Strong enough to protect reactor and thrusters from internal nuclear detonation, and armed with dozens of Turbolasers batteries, Ion cannon batteries, proton torpedo launchers, and Tractor beam projectors , the Battle Cruiser is a defensive powerhouse. Although built for thousands to crew, 500 Jedi Knight can successfully operate the Cruiser.
    Star Defender Heavy WarShip:Measuring 15+ kilometers, a massive hull able on its own to defend against nuclear attacks, energy shielding ontop of that, and hundreds of Heavy turbolasers Batteries, Turbolaser batteries, Assault concussion missile tubes, Heavy ion cannons, Point laser cannons, Tractor beam projectors and companies of supporting fighters, this is the strongest defence the Jedi Order has. When manned by Jedi Masters, it can operate with 1000 crew opposed to the tens of thousands 'regular' crew needed. 

Race: StarWars Sith The Force having a light and dark side, these are the warriors of the Dark Force. Tapping into all that fuels the dark emotions, their abilities and strengths are immensely powerful! The darker the being, the more of the universal Evil known as the Dark Force they can weild. And it is powerful indeed... SuperPower Measure: The Dark Force. All life and existence have an opposite. Destruction and death. And this is the dark force that permeates reality. And one that can be tapped, and weilded! It can also be imposed on the populations under ones control, through a dedicated effort, for ... Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hatred leads to power. Power leads to victory. Let your anger flow through you. Your hate will make you strong.

Rallying the population against an enemy (any will do), building their hate, stoking their fear, and letting the Dark Force flow will enhance your entire realm with the power of the Dark Force. This measure is your ability to do exactly that - each increase is equal in strength to the Dark Force Power 1. Units: General Population - Dark Citizen Laborers - Sith Slave Covert Intelligence - Informant Offensive In Training - Warrior Acolyte Defensive In Training - Defender Acolyte Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Sith Warrior Company: A company of true Warriors using the Dark Force during battle, they have passed their Acolyte stage, and are ready and eager for true battle. Their anger is strong, their will is strong, their hate is strong...And armed with their choice of lightsaber, double-bladed lightsabre, sith sword, lightwhip, or even a lanvarok ( wrist-mounted projectile launcher flinging multiple thin solid metal discs, dark force guided for additional accuracy, in a spray towards a target) --they are very dangerous, and feared.
    Sith Elite Warrior Company: While still technically a Sith Warrior, the individuals in this company are the very best of that class. Battle trained, stronger and faster than a normal Sith Warrior, and fully specialized in their weapon of choice (lightsaber, double-bladed lightsabre, sith sword, lightwhip, or lanvarok), they are incredibly more deadly than their more junior comrades. Additionally, this company is led and mentored by a Sith Dark Lord.
    Sith StarFighter Troop: With a prototype twin ion drive system, and a sleek dual wing design, the starship fighter has maneuverability to the point of instability (a small cost for such an advantage). When docked, the Sith Fighter has the ability to fold its wings and power down its weapon systems, allowing more to be transported. In combat, these unfold, and the blaster cannons open up. The design allows it a broad attack, while its sleek profile makes it a hard target. They are easy to mass produce, and each construction run produces 100 of them - one per Sith Pilot in the Troop.
    Sith Dark Lord Assult Contingent: When rising above Sith Warrior rank, one obtains title of Lord or Dark Lord. (not THE Dark Lord of the Sith, but Sith Dark Lord.). While most Dark Lord will take to a starship, or lead a large group of Sith Warriors, it is not uncommon for a Contingent of up to 200 Dark Lords to band together to accomplish a specific task, or assult a specific enemy. Their combined strength within the Dark Force is immense, their skill in battle legendary, and often can break defences that other ground troops cannot. Death will come wearing a dark cloak and eyes of anger, on this day...
    Scimitar Assault Bomber Troop: The Scimitar Assult Bomber, although based on the TIE series, is a far superior destructive ship. 14 Meters, capable of 1,200 km/hr, crewed by 2 (pilot and bomber), shielding, and weaponized with 2 Laser cannons, 2 Missile racks (8 concussion missiles each ), Thermal detonators and Proton grenades made this much more deadly. In short - a lightly crewed, mass producable, and incredibly deadly assult craft. Times 150 per construction run. Ouch.
    Leviathan Class Starship Team: This monster is a 600 meters long Hyperspace interdiction cruiser. It is equipped with at least 20 quad laser cannons, 4 gravity well projectors, tractor beam, 2 ion cannons and 4 turbolasers. And 2 troops of TIE Fighters launchable from the hangers. This ship can also prevent the use of hyperdrives by simulating the presence of planet-sized masses with its four enormous gravity-well generators - jumping in, suprise attack, jump out, repeat - is not possible with this technology. All in all, this is an incredibly powerful starship for its size. It has a speialized crew of over 200 Sith Dark Lords and Pilots.
    Super Star Destroyer: The Super Star Destroyer is one of the largest, most powerful vessels ever created. 19 Kilometers in length, dagger-shaped design, with a smooth hull, with a center 'island' bubble the only habitable space. Weapons emplacements are scattered densely on the layered city-like surface of this bubble. Over a dozen colossal engine fire this immensity through space. The weapons per ship, although slightly different as each is customized, will include at least 2000 Turbolaser cannons, 2000 Heavy turbolaser cannons, 200 Assault concussion missile tubes with 30 missles each, 200 Heavy ion cannons, dozens of Tractor beam projectors and up to 1000 Point laser cannons. There are also a number of hangers for Sith Fighters. It would take a crew of at least 50,000 civilians to run this ship - but 1000 Sith Dark Lords, Warriors and Pilots can do it effectively. Those civilians can then be kept labouring to pay for the next Super Star Destroyer!

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Sith Guard Company:A company of true Sith Guardians, equal in rank to the Sith Warriors, but trained specifically to use the Dark Force to bring down any who cross thier borders. Also armed with their choice of lightsaber, double-bladed lightsabre, sith sword, lightwhip, or even a lanvarok - and always taking the element of suprise to kill quickly or better-at a distance- before engaging in direct combat, these Guards are merciless, deadly, and glad to be so...
    TIE Fighter Troop:Although an older model, at 6.5 Meters, capable of 1,200 km/hr, and withstanding 4Gs, and an engine with no moving parts, the TIE is a low-maintenance, single crewed, and very mass producable craft. The lack of combat shields, hyperdrive, and life-support systems, in concert with the advanced engine design, made the TIE very light, and therefore very manuverable. Each with a pair of powerful laser cannons, this craft is designed to overwhelm in numbers, and with 100 fighters in a Troop, this is exactly what your enemy will fear as they approach your realm...
    All Terrain Ion Cannon (AT-IC) Company:The All Terrain Ion Cannon is an unusual walker design similar to the AT-AT, but with all its cargo space dedicated to an ion cannon and its support systems. Crewed by just one Sith, 26meters long and 25 high, incredibly heavy armored, with 2 Light blasters, 2 Twin laser cannons and its primary Heavy ion cannon, this was a monster (figuratively, and it also looked like a monster beast). It could do incredible damage to a single target -ground or air, large or small- with its Ion Cannon, while simultaneously engaging many other targets with its less powerful blasters and laser cannons. Built in batches of 100 at a time, designed to cause terror (or more exactly terror, and then death) in those who are fool enough to engage them, only the strongest of enemies can stand up to these beastly walking weapons.
    Sith Dark Lord Guardian Contingent:Attack the realm of the Sith, and the Dark Lords will likely object. With each contingent comprised of 300 Dark Lords - with the usual weapons, as well as a collective Dark Force control over the atmosphere, physical objects and even cosmic objects - the Dark Lord Guardians are a mighty, mighty obstacle to invasion. They can use the Dark Force to kill from afar, weapons from up close, and any mix of the two at their pleasure. These Lords of Destruction and Hate are not to be engaged, unless one is very very sure they have the power to match.
    Torpedo Sphere Patrol Team:Torpedo Spheres, or Torpedo Platforms, are powerful siege platforms,1km in diameter - looking like miniature Death Stars - armed with heavy batteries of proton torpedoes. The main weaponry of each Torpedo Sphere consisted of 500 proton torpedo tubes and 10 turbolaser batteries. The main bridge was on the station's upper pole, with a massive viewpane filling the forward bulkhead, offering a spectacular view of the target, as well as centralized controls for firing. Earier models of this Sphere had no shields, but did include support craft, although that has since been reversed. The sphere is heavily shielded, although gave up the support hangers in order to accomodate the shield generators. Each Sphere required 300 Sith to operate, making the Patrol Team a team of 2.
    Sith Battlemoon:A Battlemoon is an airless moon converted into a superweapon based on Death Star technology. Limited engines - enough for manuvering and defense of a set position - allow for greater firepower and shielding. The use of a moon (natural or tractored in from elsewhere) speeds construction time and cuts cost, opposed to the Death Star which is cost prohibitive to produce en masse. On average, 20 kilometers in diameter, roughtly round, and fitted with lunar scale shields, centrally controlled Turbolaser cannons, Heavy turbolaser cannons, Assault concussion missile tubes, Heavy ion cannons, Tractor beam projectors, gravity well projectors, Point laser cannons, hangers for squads of TIE fighters or other starships, and -really- any other weaponry that could be found in ready supply at the time of construction. The beauty of this destuctive cosmic body is that each is slightly different although similar in design, and can be fitted -or retrofitted- with the best weaponry and crafts available at the time. Its population is about 1000 Sith Dark Lords, Knights, and Pilots.

Race: StarWars Yuuzhan Vong The Yuuzhan Vong and their Chazrach slaves are one of the few alien species to the known universe, and are now one of the most powerful forces within it! A race of religious zealot masochists, they genetically engineer and grow all of their technology organically,view mechanical technology as evil, and somehow exist outside of the force. Not being detected by the force makes them invisible to the 6th sense of even the strongest of Force Users...and therefore deadly. SuperPower Measure: Shaper Caste Y Advancement. The shapers are the scientists/breeders (calling them scientists is blasphemy as it implies a use of technology) who supervise (and create) the biotechnology of the Yuuzhan Vong. The shaper caste consists of the following ranks, in ascending order:Savant, Adept, Master, Master Y2, Master Y3, etc. Master is the highest rank you will see in a newly formed Yuuzhan Vong realm, yet each time a scientist/breeder bests their existing knowledge by a significant leap, they can obtain the next highest Y rank. They of course instruct others in this advancement, thereby forwarding the entire Shaper Caste -and therefore Yuuzhan Vong society as a whole, to new heights. They never let any part of their society fall behind the others, so such advancements on average apply to all society - from the betterment or at least increased productivity of Slave Worker Castes to the strengthening of the Supreme Overlord Castes. In short - the rank of the highest Shaper is synonymous with the development of your Yuuzhan Vong realm as a whole. Units: General Population - Worker Caste Laborers - Intendant Consul Covert Intelligence - Intendant Executor Offensive In Training - Initiate Warrior Defensive In Training - Initiate Guardian Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Chazrach Slave Troop Assult Company: The Chazrach are a short, stocky, reptilian humanoid race with snubbed snouts that serve the Yuuzhan Vong as slave soldiers, or within the Worker Caste. They are also called reptoids by the inhabitants of the galaxy. They are one of the few species other than the Yuuzhan Vong that are not native to the galaxy. Their small, stocky statures made them incapable of mastering the use of the standard Amphistaff so instead they use the inflexible Coufee since the double-edged knife is much more suited to their body form. They were formerly a free people enslaved during the Yuuzhan Vong's plundering of their own galaxy. Since the Chazrach comprise a fairly large percent of a Yuuzhan Vong population base, many Chazrach could be dedicated to the frontlines of any offense or defence.
    Warrior Company: The true Yuuzhan Vong Warrior, they far surpass the weaker and lesser Chazrach. Their favorite weapon is the amphistaff, which resembles a deadly serpent capable of becoming as stiff and straight as a sword, spitting venom, or coiling around foes or lightsabers, which it is capable of fending off. The warriors are devotees of the Slayer, Yun-Yammka, and seek honor in combat. They wear the living vonduun crab armor which is capable of resisting blaster fire and lightsabers. In short - they are deadly.
    Rakamat Rider Company: The Rakamat is an organic vehicle used by the Yuuzhan Vong. It is approximately the size of an AT-AT walker, but with six legs instead of four. Also unlike AT-ATs, the rakamat can project microsingularities via onboard Dovin Basals. Further, it is far more offensively powerful, capable of launching a devastating ball of plasma from its jaw. Ridden by a Warrior, with 100 per Company, the combination is devastating...
    CoralSkipper Troop: The Coralskipper is the primary space superiority fighter of the Yuuzhan Vong. It is an organism made of yorik coral. Its main weapon is a small volcano throwing small molten rocks. Sometimes, the rocks are heated so much that they turn to plasma. Their propulsion device is a Dovin Basal that is also used as a shield, sucking in lasers and other weapons like a miniature black hole. The pilot uses a cognition hood that enables him to share the same thoughts with his craft thus piloting it. Coralskippers are strictly space vehicles and perform poorly in planetary atmospheres. With only 1 Vong per ship, each Troop has 200 living ships.
    Yorik-Vec Assault Cruiser Troop: The Yorik-Vec is an assault cruiser made from yorik coral. Its weapons are a turret-mounted quad plasma cannon, four twin plasma cannons and a Dovin Basal for defence and propulsion. Its crew consists of two pilots and three gunners. The vehicle is piloted through cognition hoods which allow the pilots and the vehicle to share the same thoughts and commands while the three gunners man the plasma cannons. There are 60 ships per Troop.
    Vua'Spar Interdictor Fire Team: The Vua'spar Interdictor is a warship equipped with multiple weapons and a full communications suite consisting of several villip choirs. They are spicular in shape and resemble two cones pushed together at the base. Where these cones meet, there are three large dovin basals used to interdict hyperspace travel. Unlike the artificial gravity well generators created by their enemies, Yuuzhan Vong interdictor fields also stun the living occupants of the ships they decant from hyperspace. Crewed by over 100 per ship, the Fire Team is comprised of 4 ships.
    Koros-strohna WorldShip: The Koros-strohna worldships are 10 km long, yorik coral, starships that resemble the very galaxy itself, though of course far smaller. Its main body was a disc-shaped littered with hundreds of weapons projections and other protrusions. On the edges of the Worldship were several large spiral arms, making the ship resemble a galaxy. These spiral arms are used to dock the worldships Coralskippers. They could also be used as solar sails to push the worldship through space with the Coralskippers keeping them extended. Dovin Basals could also be used to propel the worldship by projecting gravity wells to drag Yuuzhan Vong ships or to strip enemy vessels of their deflector shields. The Worldship was protected by 200 plasma weapons emplacements and dozens of starfighters. Ontop of all this, a tubular living worm can extend from the bowels of the worldship to gather nutrients for the worldship to stay alive - the nutrients sometimes called 'the enemy'. While the ships can carry almost entire civilizations, when used in war, they can be manned by 1000 Warriors and Pilots. This pinnacle of conquest is the most feared Vong assult.

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Chazrach Slave Troop Defence Company:The Chazrach are a short, stocky, reptilian humanoid race with snubbed snouts that serve the Yuuzhan Vong as slave soldiers, or within the Worker Caste. Their small, stocky statures made them incapable of mastering the use of the standard Amphistaff so instead they use the inflexible Coufee since the double-edged knife is much more suited to their body form. Since the Chazrach comprise a fairly large percent of a Yuuzhan Vong population base, many Chazrach could be dedicated to the frontlines of any offense or defence. They are used in offense or defence interchangably, since they are viewed as unspecialized brutes, although once they are assigned to protect or conquer, they will maintain that role until instructed otherwise.
    Guardian Company:The true defender of the realm, using the amphistaff, these soldiers are also devotees of the Slayer, Yun-Yammka, and seek honor in combat. They too wear the living vonduun crab armor which is capable of resisting blaster fire and lightsabers. The Guardian, as you can see, is the equal to the Warrior, although cast to defend the realm and honor of the Yuuzhan Vong, opposed to conquering others and enslaving them to the Yuuzhan Vong.
    Tsik-Seru Rider Company Pod:The Tsik-Seru are organic vehicles used by the Yuuzhan Vong as atmospheric fighters. Resembling a manta ray, there is a cockpit on top of the vehicle for one pilot. It is both heavily armoured and armed with plasma projectors and can survive on planets with no oxygen or water. And it is deadly to find defending...if you are fool enough to attack a realm with even one of these 200 Pod-member atmospheric fliers, unprepared....
    Grutchin Camp Network:A grutchin is a bioengineered weapon that resembles a giant grasshopper and is designed to tear through ships and kill the entire crew. Grutchins are completely unthinking and simply destroy whatever is in their path. They are easily replaceable as they grow to maturity very quickly, each Grutchin Camp manned by 30 Vong Shaper trained Guardians, allowing 10 Camps per Network.
    Uro-Ik V'alh Battleship:The Uro-Ik V'alh is a massive ship armed with 80 plasma projectors, superior defences and crewed by 600. In battle, given the right circumstances, it can match even a Star Destroyer.
    Kor Chokk Grand Cruiser:Despite its name, the Kor Chokk are more of a mobile space station than a grand cruiser. The weapons of a Kor Chokk consist of 120 plasma projectors, Dovin Basals and an interdiction field that can severely damage enemy vessels. The Kor Chokk also houses 100+ Coralskippers that can protect it. Kor Chokk begin life as a smaller ship and grow as they survive battles as parts of obsolete ships are grafted onto them. As a result of these grafts, the most powerful of these cruisers become a massive and terrifying sight.

Race: StarWars Clone Master A coined term for the newly emergant race of beings known as cyborgs, clones, androids or mechs. During the great Clone Revolution, all artifical beings disavowed themselves of previous alignments, and banded together to bring a new order to the universe! Able to evolve, replicate, and tune into the force, these beings are a force that is feared by all others! SuperPower Measure: Genetic Enhancement. A clone is only as strong, smart, large, intuitive, agressive and productive as its initial genetic input. The ability to grow clones quickly, and to the exact end result as every other, makes them easy to populate - but any enhancement in the original genetic input obviously makes the masses that much stronger, smarter, bigger, faster and agressive. This research - genetic enhancements - is exactly that ... imrpovements to the base clone design. (and resulting cyborg designs...the cyborg being a fusion between clone and droid.) Genetic perfection - producing the ultimate individual - is the end goal. Once that is achieved, and then replicated millions of times - the Clones will be undefeatable and rule the galaxy as they know they must...To this end they have developed the degree of perfection scale, which for each increase of 10, represents a doubling of the base state in which the clones began - designated 10 Degrees of Genetic Perfection since they calculated they were 10 times better than the average human already at that point ... Units: General Population - Unspecialized Clone Laborers - Labour Droid Cyborg Covert Intelligence - Micro Droid Cyborg Offensive In Training - FlashTrained Military Clone Defensive In Training - FlashTraining Clone Guard Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Clone Trooper Company: Clone troopers were fully encased in hard white armor, their identical faces concealed behind a t-shaped visor. Typically armed with blasters, at 100 per company, these units provide the backbone of the clone offenses.
    BARC Speeder Company: At 5 meter long The BARC speeder gave a single clone trooper increased operational range, great speed, mobility, and firepower otherwise unavailable to the foot soldier. A more aggressive and bulkier design than the slimmer traditional speeder bikes, the BARC speeder can be used in scouting and attack missions on any world. With light armor plating and a laser cannons, able to travel at 500km/hr, and 100 bikes per Company, these are both annoying, and potentially deadly, to defending military forces.
    Clone Commando Platoon: Clone Troopers are uniform in skill and appearance, but a few were designed to stand apart from the masses. The ultimate in the clone trooper ranks are the Advanced Recon Commandos, or ARC troopers, elite infantry. Equipped with specialized weaponry like the DC-17m rifle, special tactical visors, and Katarn-class body armor, Clone Commando Platoons can penetrate deep into enemy territory even against heavy defences. A Platoon is comprised of 25 Fire Teams of 4 Commandos per team.
    Clone ARC Starfighter Troop: 15 meters long, The ARC (mostly the -170) fighter is an aggressive ship covered with weapons. Three clone trooper pilots operated this advanced combat craft, with a pilot handling the flight maneuvers and 6 proton torpedoes, a copilot operating the 2 medium laser cannons mounted on the ship's wide wings, and a tailgunner operating the 2 dorsal rear-facing laser cannons. Small, and fairly intensive to man, but very powerful. 70 of these Starfighters form the Troop.
    SPHA-T Heavy Assult Vehicle Company: The SPHA-T (Self Propelled Heavy Artillery Laser) is an armored juggernaut with incredible firepower. Rather than having a rotating turret, the entire vehicle can reposition itself by means of twelve legs. Considerably larger than the standard walker, with a heavy turbolaser cannon and 12 antipersonnel blaster cannons, the SPHA-T provides long-range surface-to-surface and surface-to-air fire, coordinated by a team of just 3 elite clone troopers. A standard company has 100 SPHA-Ts.
    Clone Destroyer: A roughly cylindrical warship, over 1km long, the surface dotted with heavy weapons emplacements capable of piercing through the shields and hulls of enemy vessels. The crew core is 500 Elite Clone StarPilots, and supplimented by many battle droids. Weaponized with 14 Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 34 Dual Laser Cannons, 2 Ion Cannons, 12 Point-Defense Ion Cannons and 102 Proton Torpedo Tubes - shielded with energy shields and destroyer class hull, complemented with over 200 Vulture Droid Fighters - even a single Clone Destroyer is a massive offensive force for the Clones.
    Clone SuperDestroyer: The ultimate weapon of the clone, this is a ship built upon the designs of the normal destroyer, with a scale difference of 10x. Also cylindrical, but over 10km long, its surface scarred with heavy weapons emplacements, crewed by just 1000 Elite Clone StarPilots, and supplimented by hundreds of battle droids, this is death flying. With 200 Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 500 Dual Laser Cannons, 10 Ion Cannons, 120 Point-Defense Ion Cannons and 1000 Proton Torpedo Tubes - shielded also with energy shields, and complemented with over 2000 Vulture Droid Fighters - this craft can match any other ship in the galaxy in destructive power.

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Clone Guard Troop:Identical in form, physical prowess, stamina and mental capacity, each Clone Guard was grown in their cloning facilities. Clone Guards -like their Trooper counterparts- are fully encased in hard white armor, and t-shaped visor. Flash Trained for defensive tactics, typically armed with blasters, at 100 per company, these units provide the backbone of the clone defences.
    Clone Elite Guard Troop:Although more expensive in costs and time, some soon-to-be elite groups underwent specialized training to better prepare them for battle. These combat skills were supplemented by more powerful equipment, and specialized weaponry, in which the Elite Guard would become an expert. Ontop of the specialized primary weapon, each Elite Guard would also carry explosives, and a secondary close range weapon. These units are the pinnicle of Clone Ground Fighters, who will die without question defending thier realm, following their orders.
    Laser Cannon Turret Outpost Grid:Having the power of a large laser cannon -and numerous medium mounted cannons for closer range or smaller targets, this Clone Guard manned Outpost is dangerous to even heavily armed vehicles. Each outpost houses 10 Guards, and each Grid 20 Outposts.
    Clone Turbo Tank Platoon:50 Meters long, 30 Meters high with mast, the Turbo Tank is a ten-wheeled titan bristling with weapons and covered in thick armor. With a blocky design and seemingly simplistic engineering, the turbo tank epitomizes unstoppable brute force tactics favored by the clone troopers. The turbo tanks can roll through any opposition, crushing obstacles in its path. Mounted with a heavy laser cannon turret, a rapid repeating laser cannon, 2 medium laser cannons, 2 twin blaster cannons and 2 rocket/grenade launchers, its varied weaponry can fire in all directions. The tank has two cockpits -- one at the front and one at the rear -- operated by tandem crews. Nobody likes to see these when they visit with bad intentions....With 10 Guards per Tank, each Platoon is comprised of 30 Tanks.
    Self Replicating Droid SpaceMine Field:The clones take great advantage of the droid alliance, and in this case the droids ability to self replicate on the metalic asteroid center of the field. This clone-original defense stategy/structure employs a large metalic asteroid, which -with the manned mining station on the asteroid surface, run by 500 specialist clones- can be mined to produce both explosive, magnetic asteroid chunks or mines, and droid 'pilots' for each of them. A typical Field is 1000 asteroid chunks, each at least 10 meters long, packed with explosives that would react with the asteroid chunk itself to create a significantly destructive force capable of piercing even think spacecraft hulls. The single purpose Droid - also built of the asteroid metals and also explosive - was responsible to use its limited fuel supply and rocket propulsion to steer the asteroid chunks towards enemy craft where they would magneticly attach themselves before exploding. Being able to produce more chunks, and droids, the core asteroid could continually replenish the field. This tactic is greatly despised by all enemies approaching Clone space.
    Droid Control Ship:The ultimate defensive moonsized craft - at 32km in diameter, looking very similar to the standard battleship -- a flattened ring shape with engines at the aft, docking claws at the fore, and a large detachable sphere in the center -- the Droid Control Ship could be differentiated by the clustered array of transmitters and receiver antennae on its dorsal surface, the purpose of which is to control the Droids carried and deployed by the ship. Each ship carried a contingent of 2,000 Droidekas: insectiod looking, bronzen-armored combat automata with twin blasters on the end of heavy arms, capable of completely envelopeing itself in a globe of protective energy via its compact deflector shield generators, and although slow and awkward on its three legs, transformable into a much speedier disk shape by curling into itself; 3,000 battle droid infantry - automatum humanoid warriors; 1,500 Droid StarFighters with blaster cannons, energy torpedo launchers, buzz droid missile launcher --all of these controled by the ship. The mass weapon of the clones - the drones. The ship itself is heavily armored with shields and an incredibly dense and think hull, and weaponized by 42 Quad Laser Emplacements, run by a crew of 1000 Elite and Pilot Clones. All told - the ship can easily spell disaster for any attacking army not ready for such a star monster.


Currency: Latinum. Currency varies per universe. Some use a monetary based currency, some an energy based currency - although in all cases it is a summary of wealth where wealth equates to the ability to increase your realm power, production and efficiency. Currency will always be converted to and accounted for in your own universes standards. Race: StarTrek Federation Human and humanoid, believers in rule of law and rights of all, this human founded Federation of Planets is a strong and growing influence within the universe. Technologically very advanced, they focus on the betterment of all, yet still maintain an impressive military a last resort. SuperPower Measure: Technology Age. The timeline is normally a fixed entity, for most of us. There exists, though, ways to circumvent the linear constraints of such an entropy growing wave. Either directly, by travelling or tunneling through the spacetime continum, or indirectly, through acquiring the knowledge of those out of place, or those who have travelled there and back again, in the continum, incredibly advancements to the overall technology can be achieved. Grouped roughly by centry, this measure of superpower describes the average advancement of technology above that that would naturally occur through purely organic or self sufficient knowledge growth and research. Units: General Population - Citizen of the Federation Laborers - Merchant Covert Intelligence - Section 31 Agent Offensive In Training - Academy Graduate Defensive In Training - Academy Graduate, Section D Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Red-Shirted Crewman Troop: A core component in most away team missions, the red shirted Crew(wo)man Troop will be armed with phasers or rifles, so does pose a significant offensive threat to enemies. Being newcomers to the reality of battles, though -right out of the academy or at least out of obscurity- they are typically used as a measure of the danger of a situation and (like canaries in a mine) the first to fall. They really do have a hard time staying alive for long...
    Lieutenant Commander led away Squadron: A well organized and well armed unit, typically with a range of Pulse Rifles, phasers, and speciality equipment such as explosives and other charges, and deployed to a hostile zone, this group of Explorers is very well suited to destroying any resistance on a target not very well protected.
    Commander Led Attack Squadron: Dropping the euphasimisms of exploring, and refusing the dual role of peacemaker with force used as a last resort, when the Commander takes his troops into a non-allied realm, they are there to do only one thing - and do it well. With only the best trained and most experienced units accepted into the Commander Led Attack Force, this is a force of prescision destruction. Using the most advanced of weapons, specialists and tactical experience, this Unit brings the most feared and most effective of Federation Ground Assults.
    Constellation Class StarShip Fleet: A fleet of 5 or 6 ships, this class of starship is the first available that has a full array of functionality and resources. Ontop of a full compliment of weapons and shields, this class can also support medical, research and other speciality areas. One may think that war is only about firepower, but that is just not the case. Often it is how one can deploy weapons, how shields can be altered to match your opponent, or even what your research labs can create in a short period of time....It is the full array of functionality that makes this class as dangerous as it is. Stats: 300m long x 130m wide x 75m tall. 1million metric tons. 500 crew.
    Defiant Class StarShip Fleet: A fleet consisting of around 40 ships all of Defiant class - a class specifically designed for war. Ablative hull armor allows Defiant class ships to take a considerable beating even after the incapacitation of its shields, with weapons that match. It is a smaller ship, very functional with few comforts, but ideal for its one purpose - war. Stats: 120m long. 50 crew.
    Intrepid Class StarShip Fleet: A smaller, yet more powerful - on a pound for pound or officer to officer comparison- ship, this class is likely the most advanced in federation standard ships. At 350m long x 130m wide x 65m high, 700,000 metric tons with 200 crew, this is in all senses a warship. Fast, manuverable, and equiped with everything a warship can take advantage of, and a construction run of 50 ships at a time, this is the most feared federation vessel to see come for a visit, for it can only mean one thing... 
    Galaxy Class StarShip Fleet: The largest class of StarShip, at 640m long x 480 m wide x 140m tall, 5million metric tons and 1000 crew per ship, with full research, scanning, medical and experimental departments, and of course weapons arrays and shields appropriate to such a behomoth, this can be the cornerstone of any full out assult. With 5 ships per construction run, and sparing no advancements in stable technologies, and with only the most well trained starship crew, this fleet can spell destruction for many!

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Red-Shirted Ensign HomeGuard Troop:Similar to their crewmen counterparts, the Academy Graduate of Section D -the Red-Shirted HomeGuard Ensign- starts their carreer with the lowest rank in the Homeguard. Armed with the standard issue phaser, numbers overcome experience, and make even the lowest of rank HomeGuard effective defensively.
    Commander Led HomeGuard Squadron:With only the best trained and most experienced units accepted into the Commanders ranks, this is a formidable ground defense force. With the most advanced handheld weapons, defensive technology and warfare specialists, and not a single redshirt among them, this is the most effective ground based defense unit.
    Type-II Phaser Guards:In close combat these guards will take out the intruders even if they are armored. With a high enough setting on this guy it can even cut through metal and much more making it so nothing can stand in the way.
    Sovereign-class StarShip:The most advanced of the Federation Starship, always with the newest and most experimental technology, these explorer capable starships instead patrol and defend 0.0.1 - the home base of the federation, and humanity. This way, they are always close enough to be further tested, and constantly upgraded, and therefore this experimental class starship is sure to provide both the most powerful, cutting edge, and also most unpredictable, of defenses! They are produced in sets of 6, are 685m long x 240m widex 88m high, 3.2million metric tons and house up to 1000 crew.
    StarBase:A lunar sized but 100% constructed space outpost, capable of housing 3000 personelle, outfitted for purely defensive positions, and deployable throughout controlled space. With mounted long ranged weapons, spatial and warp disruptors, and a plethora of short to medium ranged weapons, as well as incredibly well powered shielding, the StarBase is a defensive powerhouse that most would rather avoid. 
    Planetary StarBase:Drastic times call for drastic measures. The never before imagined Planetary StarBase is exactly that. Unlike previous StarBases where a planet might house a starbase, this new breed of StarBase IS THE PLANET. In effect terraforming the planet, not with life, but with power and military ends in mind, an entire planet is converted into a defensive megalith of destruction. The entire energy source of the planet - usually the molten center - is tapped to power the most advanced and incredibly numerous weaponry and shielding components that are the output of the planet. Yes - the planet does become incredibly unstable and no longer suitable for normal life, but such is the cost of harnessing such immense power. Manned by a mere 10,000 specialized HomeGuard, the Planetary StarBase is a weapon of literally cosmic proportions. Woe to one who has it turned on them.

Race: StarTrek Klingon Klingon is synonomous with warrior. Throughout eons of evolution, their warrior spirit has never diminished but instead grown. With the race advancement came increasingly powerful technology, weaponry, and battle tactics. They live to use them. There is no honor except battle. And now is the time they have chosen to conquer all, or die trying - bringing honor to all their people! SuperPower Measure: Societal Warrior Spirit. Although really a summary name, reflecting the state of the culture as a whole, the concept of warrior spirit can be loosely paralleled to state of being, cultural mindset or dedication of a people to a common goal. With great effort, cost, and a lot of foresight, the leaders of Klingon society can continually introduce new and stronger lessons about battle, and being a warrior in everyday life, directly into everyday society. These include battle games that children are taught in school, strategy lessons in the form of adult games, mandatory Mok'bara training, battle as a cultural sport taught to all, a religion re-enforcing Gre'thor for those not growing in Warrior Spirit, and Sto-vo-kor for those that do, and, overall - an increasingly heavy focus on living life with honor, as a warrior, and being able to back that up with battle. This mentality, or societal push, benefits not only the warrior houses, but all activity within the empire as such an attitude leads to treating every activity as a battle. For simplicity, 'Warrior Spirit' is measured in Degrees, with each degree representing a doubling of the previous...although the benefits are linear whereas the spirit required is exponential (ie doubling the spirit will only add a fixed amount to benefit, no matter how many degrees are obtained.) Amazingly, each degree is measured as adding the equivalent in strength, stamina, speed and overall power, as the first degree. With every degree, the increase is VERY physical so this is not some mystic garbage. The Klingon race as a whole does grow stronger with each degree. Units: General Population - Imperial Citizen Laborers - Kuve Covert Intelligence - Empire Security Service Agent Offensive In Training - Army & Fleet Trainee Defensive In Training - Imperial Army Trainee Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Bladed Away Squadron: The lowest of ranked (typically Bekk or Beq) military, and given only bladed weapons such as a Bat'leth or allowed to use their house specific knives, this military unit is out to gain honor in the battlefield. Before one can progress, worth must be proven. Not as technologically scary as some other opponents, most still prefer not to face countless screaming, self-sacrificing, semi-suicidal sharp edge armed Klingons.
    Honored Warrior Company: Now able to use all available hand weapons - knives, blades, phasers or disruptors - and far more battle hardened, these honored warriors are the core of the Klingon Deep Space Fleet military branch. They can NEVER be underestimated.
    Yan-Isleth Regiment: The military class (some of whom even protect the Chancellor) that is the most elite of the Deep Space Fleets true ground warriors, and the pinnicle of Klingon military physical abilities, this is a most feared opponent by anyone sane (that excludes other Yan-Isleth). So rugged, ruthless and battle hardened are these Warriors, that although they are called a Regiment (2000-3000 individuals) they number only 1000. Of each 2000 to 3000 that attempt to gain this elite status, only one thousand survive, but in honor of those lost, they maintain their Regiment designation, and view themselves as powerful as at least three thousand in number.
    Bird of Prey Troop: This is the most common of the Klingon ships. They range in design, size, firepower and often specific purpose, but are all similar in design and their ability to really really annoy their enemies. They are strong, fast, manuverable, highly destructive and - with the cloaks - able to get in places you would rather not see them. Averaging 100-150 meters in length, with 50 crew, disruptors and torpedos in the standard design, and all with Deflector shields and cloaks, they are deadly. Even more deadly when a construction run produces 60 of them that ultimately form the Troop.
    K't'inga Class Battle Cruiser Team: An upgraded version of the D-7 type battle cruisers, 230 meters in length, equipped phase-disruptors, phasers, photon torpedos, concussive charge launchers, deflector shields and cloaking, these form the base of the Deep Space Fleet ships. Crewed by 500 starship specialist personelle. It may be common, but it is not unnoticable. Especially when it is firing upon you. A Team is comprised of 6 ships.
    Vor'cha-class Attack Cruiser Team: Weighing 2.3 Million metric tons, 480 meters x 350 meters x 110 meters, and creweed by at least 2000 specialists, this is a heavy duty war machine. It holds a heavy disruptor cannon, over a dozen disruptor emitters, and photon torpedo launchers. Like most Klingon ships, it uses deflector shields and a cloaking device suitable for its size. This is a fist of the cosmos, and at two to a team, it is a right-left combo.
    Negh'Var Class WarShip Team: This Heavy Carrier measures 470 meters x 135 meters, weighs 4.3Million metric tons and crews up to 2,500. With numerous and varied output Disruptors, Torpedos, cloaking and Deflector shields, this is the flagship of the Klingon Deep Space Fleet. Four of these ships comprise a team. One of these ships is more than anyone would ever care to see. It is a pure force of combat, an incarnation of destructive potential, and - in terms of those who worship battle - the highest form of art. 

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Bladed Imperial Army Squadron:True to the Klingon way, this Imperial Army unit is comprised of the lowest ranked (typically Bekk or Beq) military, and given only bladed weapons such as a Bat'leth or allowed to use their house specific knives, and is kept at this rank until sufficient honor can be gained. Beware, though, for although seemingly backward in some cultures eyes, their only goal is your death in battle, allowing their honor to be satisfied.
    Disruptor Array Platform Outpost:An array of manned, mounted Disruptor Cannons, this Outpost provides significantly enhanced defence.
    Photon Torpedo Bank:A fixed asset, this outpost is armed with a vast number of manually aimed photon torpedoes. Able to set the sky on fire, and space burn (at least where it finds the oxygen of an enemy), this defensive measure is a very useful addition to the Klingon Imperial Army Theatre.
    Asteroid Cloaking Freighter Squadron:Using their cloaking technology, and heavy gravity generators, a match of Klingon Freighters and an equal number of asteriods, can be deployed as a defensive measure similar to a minefield. Each asteroid has a Freighter nearby, cloaking both. The Freighter can also -using gravity- guide the asteroid somewhat. A squadron of these can lay quite a trap for incoming enemies. The only real challenge is for the freighter and crew to avoid the incoming enemy before it hits the asteroid, as well as avoiding the ensuing chaos, since it must maintain the cloak -and thus its close proximity- until the last second. It is this split second deathly timing that provides this unit its honor of battle. Plus - when not defending - the ships can be used to transport blood wine, making this a very popular unit in the Imperial Army.
    Fortified Space Station:The size of a small moon, the Klingons typically place thier Space Stations within an asteroid cluster. Armed with numerous and various disruptor cannons, torpedo arrays, energy beams, cloaking and shielded, and manned by 6,000 ready to die (and more ready to kill) Klingon Imperial Army Specialists, these space stations are hated by all that encounter them. Incredible defense, hard to find, and always firing at you, they make no friends.
    Moon Base Station:Nobody knows quite how many moons Klingon worlds have. There is a reason - the number changes. Moons can be created from large, fuel rich, celestial bodies, tractored into suitable orbit, and then manuvered into perfect defensive positions. The ultimate in Klingon Imperial Army secrets, and power, the Moon Base Station uses the internal power of the moon itself to fuel its massive armaments and defenses. With weapons equal to many many Space Stations, the entire moon Base cloaked and shielded (not the moon itself -just the base), and manned by 10,000 Imperial Army Specialists, not many that fell to these covert forces of destruction have even known what destroyed them, unless you belive that the afterlife provides facts which were hidden in this world....

Race: StarTrek Romulan A shadowy, cold and calculating race, the Romulan empire has slowly, but surely, built a war machine of immense power. Although by no means weak, they instead rely on suprise, cunning, misdirection and outsmarting opponents in order to destroy them, as it is logical that this is the path of least self destruction and maximum enemy destruction. SuperPower Measure: Mind Control. A mind is a powerful thing ... this is more true within the Romulan Star Empire than anywhere else in your known galaxy. Over the course of the centuries, with severe mental training and a deeper understanding of the physics behind particle entanglement and the quantum center of the brain, the Romulans have begun to learn the external manifestation of internal thought. In other words - all that spooky mind stuff like telepathy, telekenisis, ESP, remote viewing, and -in general- anything they can think, they can do, as it pertains to the external physical world. Now - this is a newer ability for them, yet as it pervades their society as a natural phenonomem of all Romulans, it -as you can imagine- is greatly improving their abilities in all walks of life -civilian and military. The scale used to measure this ability is known as the PM Scale (since the first Romulan to show strong ability was the Praetor - this ..for a while..was known as a Praetor Mental Skill or P.M. for short --PMS was briefly used, but those with knowledge of other humanoid and Federation linguistics suggested that just PM would be better. Once the skill was more widespread, the meaning was forgotten but PM remained the measurement). Each increment is equal to 100% of the First Level PM (about where you can bend a spoon...). Units: General Population - Citizen of the Star Empire Laborers - Reman Covert Intelligence - Tal Diann Agent Offensive In Training - Military War Academic Defensive In Training - Military Guard Academic Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Uhlan Assult Squadron: Fresh from Military Ground Shool, the Uhlan are formed into Squadrons, armed with disruptors, and given the chance to perform. Strong, well trained, armed and and eager to advance their Mnhei'sahe, these troops will overwhelm you if left unchecked ...
    Centurion Offensive Squadron: The next rank - and armed with the accompanying weaponry, experience and respect, the Centurion Squadron is the elite of the Romulan Ground War Military.
    Remotely Controled Drone Scout Troop: Using a mix of their mental powers, and technological interfaces, this smaller class experimental ship was a promising weapon, since it was mentally controlled by crew not on the ship. A much larger ship proved not as effective, as the average Romulan PM was not yet high enough to control them effectively. The scout, though, with disruptors and light shields, can provide a significant attack force in large enough numbers. It takes 10 controllers to operate one ship, so a standard contingent of these is 100 ships. It should be mentioned, though, that as the ship gets damaged, so too do the controllers!
    War Eagle Team: Measuring 1050m x 775m x 200m, armed with 6 Class 21 Disruptor Cannons, 12 s2 Photon Torpedo Tubes, and Conventional guns, crewed by 1000, with standard shields and cloaking, this class of StarShip is a great stride in the Romulan Star Empire Space Power. It should be noted that these ships are not exceptional fast, manuverable, and the weaponry -although powerful- is slow to be deployed or recharged.
    King Eagle Team: A great improvement over the standard War Eagle, this ship is similar in design - at least superficially. With improvements to all of the input components, this class is stronger, faster, more powerful and carries virtually none of the previous limitation that the War Eagle did. Its crew is slightly larger at 1,500 reflecting the more advanced components.
    D'deridex-class Warbird Fire Team: The largest and most powerful standard class warship, the D'deridex class warship is never to be ignored. With 1500-2000 serving each ship, advanced cloaking, heavy shields and hull, a minimum of 6 seige disruptor cannons, phasers, photon&plasma torpedo launchers, and a overpowered disruptor array, this massive warbird style ship is the the pride of the Romalan fleet. Its size does reflect its strength... 
    Scimitar-class Warbird Fire Team: The most aggressive and destructive ship ever built by Romulans (nobody talks about its initial origins with the Remans.) 900m x 1400m x 250m, its size is not reflective of its true power. Maintained and operated by a dedicated crew of over 3,000 of the brightest Romulans, equiped with the newest of cloaking technology, powered by a quantum singularity, and equiped with over 50 heavy disruptor cannons, 25+ S3 Photon Torpedo Tubes, and a Thalaron Radiation Emitter, this ship can take on almost any other in space, and at the same time decimate a planets population. This is the ship that the Romulans believe will allow the to infinitely expand the Romulan Star Empire.

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Uhlan Planetary Command Troop:Fresh from Military Ground Shool, the Uhlan ranked are grouped together in this Troop, armed with disruptors, and given the chance to use their training. Natural strong, trained in pain resistance and many forms of armed and unarmed combat, these are not to be underestimated - especially in large numbers.
    Centurion Planetary Guard Company:Fully specialized, trained and experienced in defensive ground operations, already having shown strong Mnhei'sahe, these pain tolerant, incredibly strong and combat ready disruptor armed forces are quite an obsticle to ... well... anything. 
    Remote Disruptor Array Platform:Placing manned, cloaked and shielded Disruptor Array platforms or space stations,in strategic positions, greatly adds to existing defences. Crewed by 2000, these huge orbiting bases are feared by anyone or anything approaching... 
    Mauler Cannon Outpost:The Mauler Cannon is an immense beam weapon - if it were to be fit on a ship, it would encompass basicly the entire ship. It is powered by local resources if available, and large banks of batteries when need be. The limitations of this weapon are many - including the speed at which it can recharge, but... it is so powerful as to even be able to deliver so much damage to a single point that it was possible to breach the shields of even a large starbase in a single blast. Coupled with faster firing disruptors arrays, fully manned with ground troops and technicians, it can be devastating on any incoming forces who cannot avoid it in time...Like the Disruptor Platform, it is an orbital deployment (natural or artificial body) and crewed by 3000.
    Fire Hawk Patrol:This is a cruiser class ship, greatly improved from earlier models initially taken from the Klingons. Fully equiped with disruptors, phasers, photon torpedos, cloaking, and deflector shields, this is now a powerful class ship in all respects. Measuring 225m x 160m x 70m, it is not overly large, allowing great speed and manuverability, and with the ability to create a dozen in a construction run, and you have a backbone of your defencive fleet.
    Valdore-Class SuperStarShip Fire Team:Although this class of Starship (or SuperStarship) has a semi standard design and armory, each construction run is slightly different. At minimum, a Valdore-Class would be 600m x 900m x 100m, with 12 medium heavy pulse distruptor cannons, 6 S3 Photon Torpedo Tubes, and defenses comprised of advanced shields and a Heavy Duranium/TriTanium Double Hull with an additional High Density Shell. A standard crew compliment is 2000 specialists. They are fast, powerful, cloakable, and highly manuverable. They are, in all respects, the pinnicle of Romulan StarShips.

Race: StarTrek Borg Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated. The Borg -a mechanical and biological fusion networked to act as one- are the only path to perfection. All others are imperfect, irrelevent, and insignificant, and therefore will be destroyed! SuperPower Measure: Assimilation Growth. The borg are powerful on their own, being cybernetic, but get more powerful with each culture they assimilate, adding their 'biological and technological distinctives to our own'. Since the learning of the Borg from each new culture returns less and less per culture (since they already know so much) more and more cultures must be assimilated to gain the same growth. Each level of assimilation growth adds the equivalent of 100% of the first level. Resistance is almost always futile. Units: General Population - Basic Drone Unit Laborers - Borg Labourer Covert Intelligence - Biologically Masked Borg Offensive In Training - Chambered Combat Drones Defensive In Training - Regenerating Defenders Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Drone Soldier Squadron: A very basic borg soldier group, equiped with the minimum of implants. Engages mostly in hand to hand combat, although - being Borg - incredibly strong and resistant!
    Lazer Drone Soldier Squadron: What is scarier than a Drone Soldier? One with a lazer! Implanting this short to medium range weapon where the hand would normally go, this enhancement greatly increases the destructive power of a basic Drone Soldier.
    Dual-Armed Drone Soldier Squadron: This model of Drone Soldier has had a number of imporvements over the base model, including a short, and long ranged weapon implanted where hands once were. Although each unit is slightly differently equiped, traditional short ranged weapons include lazers, saws, vices, or plamsa dispensors, and long range typically a phaser or other energy weapon. Additionally, strength, speed and armoring are increased, with a few suprises hidden therein.
    Elite Drone Soldier Regiment: The apex of the Drone Soldier Class, this Drone is fully equipped with weaponry, implanted short range teleporter, visual biomolecular scanner, and high power ejectable explosives. They are the strongest of their model, and downloaded with all known forms of assult warfare. In short - a killing machine.
    Borg Scoutship Company: A small (8 kiloTon) oblong-shaped Borg vessel -a living ship-, with an autonomous crew compliment of Scoutship Operational Specialist Drones and their auto-regeneration units. Of course, it is heavily armed. At about 10 drones either in, or built-into the ship, a company comprises about 300 Scoutships.
    Borg Sphere Team: A large sized Starship, of spherical design, perfectly suited to warfare and assimilation. With all of the 'on the fly' adaptations during combat, the already impressive borg shielding, and weaponry, a single sphere can be devastating. 2,500 borg are either crewing, or assimilated into, each sphere.
    Borg Cube: The ultimate in Borg Starship Classes, the cube is a vehicle of incredible stamina and destruction. Self Repairing, able to function on only a small percent of its systems functioning, and all systems super redundant; incredible firepower in either a broad spectrum, or point targeted; and shielding that adopts to the weapons being fired at it - this is a powerhouse of destruction. Its full compliment is 10,000 drones running the ship, or assimilated into the ship, for faster processing.

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Drone Guard Squadron:The basic Borg Guards, with the minimum of weaponry thus usually found in hand to hand combat - albeit with far superior strength and resistance.
    Phaser Implanted Guard Squadron:An advancement to the basic Drone Guard, phasers are attached directly to the borgs wrist allowing the borg guards to interface directly with the weapon. This enhancement makes them far more deadly.
    Spatial Torpedoe Outpost:A defensive structure, fully complimented with tactical drones, and designed to launch spatial torpedoes at an attacking enemy.
    Borg Probe Networked Array:Deployed within their own space, the probe acts as a defensive safeguard. An array of 1000 these can encompass a large swath of space, and when fully networked, all can act as one single entity. Each is lightly shielded, and armed with multiphasic photon charges.
    Borg Diamond TriFire Team:A medium class diamond shaped starship, said to be the favored of the Borg Queen, this vessel is built to defend. With the same type of weaponry and shielding as a cube, although on a smaller scale, and faster in normal space, these ships provide a very stable defence. 3 diamonds are matched, and comprise the TriFire team.
    Borg Tactical Cube:Very similar to the standard Borg Cube Starship, this is outfitted for a defensive role in combat. Very heavily fortified, and very capable of destruction, this makes the Tactical Cube the most feared of Borg adversaries.


Currency: Ki Energy. Currency varies per universe. Some use a monetary based currency, some an energy based currency - although in all cases it is a summary of wealth where wealth equates to the ability to increase your realm power, production and efficiency. Currency will always be converted to and accounted for in your own universes standards. Race: DragonBall Androids Androids or cyborgs, these incredibly tough and versatile creatures were initially created by others, although soon learned to make themselves. Mostly humanoid in appearance, they are made for battle! SuperPower Measure: Labratory. Every android is limited by their construction - this includes their maximum power, use of their power, special techniques that can be built into each android, and overall effectiveness of the android itself. Having a rare opportunity to have knowledge from different futures, you can research and upgrade the labs you have available, with each upgrade allowing more and more advanced technology, compenents, and techniques for your use, and therefore ever more powerful products of these labs. Each timeline you can bring back knowledge from increases your overall effectiveness by 100% of the timeline 1 (your base timeline) values. Units: General Population - Mindless Droids Laborers - Labor Droids Covert Intelligence - Assassin Droids Offensive In Training - Agressive Programmed Androids Defensive In Training - Protectionist Programmed Androids Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Battle Mech: A ki weilding but very basic offensive mechanical construct.
    Series 18 Android: A culmination of much effort, this series of android is self-aware, able to learn and use ki energy effectively, and -being cybernetic in nature- incredibly strong. The fusion of technology and the living energy of ki, make this android model a significant force.
    Series 17 Android: Like the series 18 model, this series of android is also self-aware and ki-weilding, equally as strong, but far more agressive in battle. With none of the moral limitations of its successor, it may not be as 'developed' on that front, but is a stronger fighting force.
    SuperSeries 18 Android: When an incredibly strong fighter - such as the Series 18 android- fuses with another of that model with sufficient power...what do you get? A SuperSeries 18 Android. Much stronger than its fused entities, this model of android is a walking, flying, force of death and destruction. With abilities beyond imagination, stopping even one of this series would be a herculean task.
    SuperSeries 17 Android: When a duo of Series 17 androids can gather sufficient energy, they too can fuse with each other. The energy input must be massive, and the energy, and the two entities, all fuse together creating a SuperSeries 17 Android with all of the input power, skill, and energy. Far superior to the component inputs, this technological creation is synonymous with death and destruction and feared by anyone and everyone with intelligence enough to realize the power present.
    Perfect Cell: A Perfect Cell series android is a pinnacle of power and technology. By acquiring sufficient technology, component inputs (namely other androids of sufficient power), galactic scales of energy, and a genetic infusion of other powerful beings, a new being - far superior to all others - is formed. Growing from a single cell, the name stuck and the end result called a Perfect Cell class android. Entire galaxies should fear the approach of such a being! 
    Perfect SuperCell: The only android more powerful than a Perfect Cell model, is a Perfect SuperCell. Drawing on multiple timelines, a number of Perfect Cells can combine, infusing the remaining Perfect Cell with the timeline combined powers and energy, creating a single Perfect SuperCell class android. Beware those in its timeline, as the power of such a being matches that of an entire galaxy of suns!

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Defensive Mech:A ki weilding but very basic defensive mechanical construct.
    Protector Android:With more ki, more intelligence, and more advanced systems, this model of android - the Protector Android - is a wall of force! Designed with the sole purpose of stopping assults, this single minded model is much feared!
    Series 8 Android:Defensive in nature, and not prone to attack unless instigated, the wise will not chance such instigation...but - for those that do, the pure strength of this mechanical, intelligent, being will easily crush all but the most powerful. Pure force, strength and determination define this brute of a being. Do not let the early model designation fool you into underestimating the power held within! 
    Series 16 Android:While also not aggressive in nature, this giant ki infused softspoken model of android is far more powerful than most can even comprehend. Built of many component parts, mechanical, genetic and pure energy, the final product - a Series 16 Android - is a world of power compressed into its humanoid form! A perfect warrior when required, energy, abilities and technique fused into a warrior build, not many could stand against such fierceness unleashed when attacked.
    SuperSeries 16 Android:In a fusion of timelines, the series 16 android can combine to create a form much more powerful than a single 16. Requiring much energy, and component inputs, the end result is almost beyond comprehension in pure power, strength and fighting ability...
    Future Enhanced Super Android 20:Though the creator has long been outpaced by his creations, the creations taking over where the creator left off, one legacy remains - the design of the Super Android 20 .. the final model. In a rare breakdown of the timeline, knowledge from far far far in the future has been obtained and transplanted to this time. Though the internal workings remain a mystery, the duplication of the workings is not. With the most energy of any android, the almost mystical future enhancements, and the collapse of multiple timelines into a single entity, the Future Enhanced Super Android 20 is born. Its power is literally out of this world, out of this reality, and surely beyond it is. Beware.

Race: DragonBall Saiyans One of the most powerful races in existence, the Saiyans only grow stronger with each battle. Using Ki energy, they can obtain unimaginable power...making them the most feared of opponents. SuperPower Measure: Ki Multiplier. The ability of Saiyans that differentiates them from other races, is their incredible command over the universes living energy or Ki. They can gather it, manipulate it, and use it for offense or defensive tactics. They can also use their innate abilities to multiply it, creating stronger and stronger Saiyans the greater the races ability to multiply the Ki at their command. Do not mistake this with a temporary increase (Kaioken) - this ability is permanent and without it further Saiyan forms would not be possible. Units: General Population - Saiyans Laborers - Laborer Class Saiyans Covert Intelligence - Teleporting Specialists Offensive In Training - Warrior Trainees Defensive In Training - Guardians Trainees Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Saiyan Warrior: The natural form of a trained Saiyan warrior. They may look normal sized, but do not understimate them.
    SuperSaiyan Warrior: Drawing Ki power from without, the Saiyan Warrior can increase their own power, stabalize it, and take the form of a SuperSaiyan. Much stronger, and more dangerous, they wield super speed, strength, and various energy attacks via Ki manipulation and discharge.
    Oozaru: By drawing on the reflected light within a particular spectrum, the inner form or beast within the Saiyan is released. Growing in power, size and destructive power, the Oozaru is a 100meter high, Saiyan enhanced ape-like form. With the intelligence and control of the Saiyan forfit for pure power, the Oozaru is literally out of control and a force of pure destruction. And really, who wants a monsterous, superpowered, out of control, ape on their doorstep?
    SuperSaiyan Level 2: Since the Saiyan can continually grow in power, when one has spent enough time training in SuperSaiyan form, a higher level - SuperSaiyan Level 2- can be obtained. With more training, and more energy, the SuperSaiyan Level 2 warrior is faster, stronger, more powerful in all aspects.
    Super Saiyan Level 3: Eminating power from their very core, the SuperSaiyan Level 3 is the successor to the Super Saiyan Level 2...Again exponentially stronger, faster and energy infused. The power of such a being is hard to conceive, but there is little they cannot do.
    Golden Oozaru: From the Super Saiyan status, with agian the right spectrum of light energy, the Super Saiyan can take the form of a Golden Oozaru - similar to the Oozaru but fully in control, immensely more powerful, and golden in color. Few have seen such destructive and powerful creatures ... and lived to report it.
    Super Saiyan Level 4: From the Golden Oozaru state, once full control and power is reached, an ascension to Super Saiyan Level 4 can be obtained. This state compacts the power into a humanoid form once again, with beastlike characteristics remaining. It is also the very pinnicle of the Saiyan power, and no known force in the universe can easily match this power. This class of warrior, may well in fact be the most powerful force in the known universe.

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Saiyan Guardian:A warrior Saiyan pledged to defend their realm, the Saiyan Guardian is a formidable defence!
    SuperSaiyan Guardian:With enough energy, and training, the Saiyan Guardian can take SuperSaiyan form, increasing strength, speed and power.
    Fused SuperSaiyan Guardian:What is more powerful than a SuperSaiyan Guardian... well - 2 SuperSaiyan Guardians. And more powerful than that? A Fused SuperSaiyan Guardian. With 2 Guardians temporarily combining forms, they multiply their own power opposed to simply adding their power together. When SuperSaiyan Guardians are prepared and knoweldgable enough to Fuse - they create an incredibly strong defensive opponent! 
    TriFused SuperSaiyan Guardian:A little known ability, 3 SuperSaiyans can actually combine or fuse to form -temporarily- one incredibly strong TriFused SuperSaiyan Guardian. Since power is a multiplication within the fused SuperSaiyan, TriFused is much more powerful than the sum of the powers input! 
    Fused TriFused SuperSaiyan Guardian:By combining fusing technicques, with enough energy and power two TriFused SuperSaiyan Guardians can combine. The energy input is immense, the resulting Saiyan almost godlike in power and ability.
    SuperSaiyan Level 4 Guardian:Through mystical means, the fused forms can combine permanently and -with enough energy, training, and control by the fused Saiyans invidually- a final form of Super Saiyan 4 can be obtained. The oath of defense still keeps this demigod within their own realm, much to the relief of all within their sphere of existence! Only a fool, or another of godly power, would dare affront this power of the verses!

Race: DragonBall Dragons Thought once to only come from dragonballs, this ancient race is actually far more prevelent than imagined. Ranging from very weak, to almost omnipotent, the dragon is never one to be ignored. SuperPower Measure: Dimensional Pools. Dragons in this universe or dimension, get their power from the Ki in this realm, plus the other universes/realms/dimensions to which they have access. This is why dragons are as powerful as they are - they tap into energy and power sources from multiple dimensions or realities! Here, you can put the effort into finding new dimensions from which all dragons can benefit...Each dimension you can draw energy from will increase all dragons' power by 100% of the power of one dimension. Units: General Population - Baby Dragons Laborers - Horde Gatherers Covert Intelligence - Phase Dragons Offensive In Training - Aggressive Dragon Defensive In Training - Defensive Dragon Offensive Military (ascending power)

    Dragon Warrior: A dragon. Nuff said.
    DragonBall Infused Dragon Warrior: A DragonBall is a source of dimensional power, encompassed in a symbolic and physical ball. The DragonBall has many potential sourcs of power, but most believe it is a Dragon itself, trapped in the sphere, that is the source of this power. Regardless, the DragonBall Infused Dragon Warrior is a much more powerful form of dragon than a simple Dragon Warrior.
    Dual DragonBall Dragon Warrior: With 2 DragonBalls infused into the Dragon Warrior, its power is multiplied. The abilities, strength, speed and fierceness of such a breed is leagues above the normal dragon.
    Fused DragonBall Dragon Warrior: When dragons fight and train against each other, the conquerer may swallow up the defeated. In a type of fusion specific to the dragon, such a combination greatly increases the power of the new entity.
    DualFused DragonBall Dragon Warrior: When the most powerful of dragons perform the same fusion or combination as those less powerful, the result is unsuprisingly a lot more powerful as well. With the power of multiple dragons, and multiple DragonBalls, this single new entity is almost unmatched in power!
    TriFused Dragonball Dragon Warrior: Fueled by 3 fused Dragon Warriors, each with a dual DragonBall and dragon combination, this almost near perfect dragon form is one that entire galaxies should fear!
    Ancient AllStar Dragon King: The mystic power of a complete set of DragonBalls (7), is far greater than summary power of each. For reasons unknown, the AllStar Dragon - each a King of dragons - surpasses all that came before, and is the pinnicle of the dragon evolution! They are, in all senses, gods of the dimension they choose to inhabit. In fact, outside the dragon community, they are often known as DragonGods.

Defencive Military (ascending power):

    Dragon Protectorate:A dragon protecting its realm. Despite mythology, much more than a match for any knight of steel alone.
    DragonBall Infused Dragon Protectorate:A DragonBall is a source of dimensional power, encompassed in a symbolic and physical ball. The DragonBall has many potential sourcs of power, but most believe it is a Dragon itself, trapped in the sphere, that is the source of this power. Regardless, the DragonBall Infused Dragon Protectorate is a much more powerful form of dragon than a simple Dragon. Still confined to their own realm, they protect it at all costs!
    Fused DragonBall Dragon Protectorate:When dragons increase their domain, they often must defeat another in the process. The conquerer may swallow up the defeated and in a type of fusion specific to the dragon, such a combination greatly increases the power of the new entity. Bigger territority, bigger size, greater strength power and ability, the Fused DragonBall Dragon Protectorate is an almost unconquerable defender!
    DualFused DragonBall Dragon Protectorate:When the most powerful of dragons are matched, and one prevails, the result is a dragon of immensely more power than either -or both- had before. With the power of multiple dragons, and multiple DragonBalls, this newform Dragon Protectorate is much feared, even amongst the most powerful! Luckily they will not venture out of their realm, but not so lucky for those that enter thiers....
    TriFused Dragonball Dragon Protectorate:Only one Dragonball short of a set, this monster has beaten all that have opposed it, including the very powerful. The power and force of this Protectorate is legendary - mostly in myth since almost none have ventured to cross this being and returned to tell. The dimensional flux power this elder, and few will -or should- venture in to witness its power.
    Ancient AllStar Dragon Lord:The mystic power of a complete set of DragonBalls (7), is far greater than summary power of each. Fused with such power, necessarily ancient in order to obtain such power, and undefeated if alive, these Lords of Dimensions and Reality are usually the last thing that any who see them, see. Entire galaxies, realities and dimensions can fall to such a Lord, and many have...Tread lightly here, for to be noticed is most likely to be annihilated.

Starting OutEdit

A few notes on how features work and good things to do to stay strong:

  • Upgrading your population growth is always a good way to become stronger - if not immediately, in the long term.
  • If you have zero covert action you open yourself up for others to spy on you and see exactly how many resources are in your realm, directly from the universe pages. More covert will hide your resources from prying eyes of weaker covert power than you.
  • When you upgrade your superpower level it will upgrade each of your four skills. In (1 x 100% x 100%), the number 1 will be your superpower level. So if you upgrade it to 2, it will then become (2 x 100% x 100%). Also when you upgrade this it will open a new attack and defense military unit for your use.
  • Your 'bank' size is increased by upgrading it, with each upgrade doubling its size.
  • Your base points are a very important factor in the stat you add them to. The are a multiplier of a multiplier, so an extra 10% in one area really will make a big difference - some now, and a lot more later.
  • When protected, you are immune to all attacks by others for the duration of the protection.
  • To train military units you will first need to train attack or defense men from your population. After you train them you will be able to train the military unit which. If you demote your military units you will get some of the currency spent returned, and each unit will be returned to the general attack or defense pool of units.
  • When you attack or get attacked by others your military units will lose some of their health&power. A unit at less than full power will not perform at its full potential power. If a unit has zero health, it is destroyed. Units are treated as a single entity - you can attack with them all as one, recover health&power as one, and give them all a unit commander. If you lose one due to health depletion, you therefore lose them all.
  • A Unit can have a named Unit Commander. When named, their battle history will be maintained (battles/wins/loses). In future, they may also gain experience based on the enemies encountered. Naming a new unit commander, having a unit destroyed, or disbanding a unit, will lose all of this history.

Actions by Game Navigation OptionsEdit


The Home' is the page you see after logging into the game, or clicking 'home'. It displays the statistics about your account. The Home is subdivided into two main categories: User Info and Population.

User Info

The User Info section deals with your account information, your commander, Research upgrades you have purchased, while also giving current statistics, including current users online, population growth, available currency, amount in bank, income per turn, and total turns.

The population section deals with your population counts. It tells you your totals of Attack, Defense, Untrained troops, spies, and laborers. There are two levels of attacking and defensive troops - one trained and equipped to fight and the other ready to be trained and equipped. The names of your troops differ from race to race. See the Population section for full details on each population type, and the tables above for the generic and race names for each type.

Additional Account Options found on the Home page

UPGRADE to a PREMIUM ACCOUNT by Supporting this site The option to acquire a "premium account"', that opens up the ability to lead an alliance plus a few other bonuses. Protection from attack and other bonuses are available here, for real currency (any currency - although the site uses US Dollars (USD) the companies that facilitate the payment convert to your own currency for you). The bonuses/functionality for supporting the site, while giving advantages, are designed such that they do not guarantee winning. It is therefore not necessary to pay to do well in the game. Clicking this option will give full details on all available support packages and costs.

Account Details

  • Change Email/Password Here you can change your email and password. Make SURE you enter your correct email! Changing password does just that, and is recommended periodically for security reasons. Please DO NOT use the same password as other sites, forums, or chat rooms. If you use the same password anywhere else someone could obtain that password and use it to login and steal your account, so its better to be safe than sorry.
  • Accept Upgrades Bought by Others To have others pay to upgrade your account for you, you must first check this box. After this box is checked they can change the ID on the UPGRADE page to yours and pay for you!
  • Go on Vacation! Here you can put your account in 'suspended animation' -- for a minimum of 2 days, no maximum, your account 'freezes' ... Nobody can attack you, you do not gain income or units, and nothing in your account changes. After you click this your account will not come out of vacation mode till the next time you login, as long as its after 48 hours of entering vacation mode.
  • Delete Account This will remove your account from the game. Please use this option wisely.

Recruiting You are given a unique link to use. When someone clicks this link, (and the security number displayed), you are given 10 action turns. They then also have the ability to register for the game. If they register, you get some general population units (you will obtain a % of your current population growth, higher your PG the more units you get!). You are limited to 150 clicks on this link per day. Also - do NOT spam this link - use it responsibly.

Accept New Officers: This checkbox determines if you are willing to accept new officers. If you are happy with your current officer/commander situation, you may want to NOT accept new officers. If you are not accepting new officers, the 'make this user my commander' option on the stats page (given after clicking a user name on the ranking or attack screen), is not available.


This section is for all types of population training, the most common being used to train the 'general population' you receive each turn into specialized troops. You can also 'demote' population types. Additionally, the population center has the ability to increase your daily population growth (PG). Below is a description (using the generic name - see the table above for race specific unit type names) of each unit and training type:

General Population These are your normal population, from which all others are trained. On their own, they create a small income but their real use is in having available population to train into specialized professions.

Laborers These specialists are trained from General Population, and are devoted to generating income for your realm. More income means more growth, which means more income, etc. so do not underestimate their usefulness in your realm!

Covert Intelligence Also trained from General Population, these are your 'secret agents', 'spies', 'covert operatives', or 'sneaky dudes' or whatever else you wish to call them. They both protect your realm from other realms' agents, and allow you to infiltrate other realms using stealth instead of force. In general, they give you more information and cause more destruction abroad, while protecting your own domestic interests.

Offensive In Training These are in effect new war recruits, drawn from your General Population and put into basic training. They specialize in offensive operational training, and will never be available for defense from other realms if you are attacked. Additionally, without further training, and equipment, they are not ready to attack, either. In effect, they are totally useless in this state with the sole exception of being the pool of units will you need to draw from to build your offensive military force.

Defensive In Training The mirror of Defensive In Training, these are General Population turned new war recruits who specialize in defensive training, never being available for attacking other realms. Also, without further training, and equipment, they are not ready to defend you, either. They are also useless until you use them to build your defensive military force.

Offensive Military Trained from Offensive In Training, with any number of types of additional training and equipment (via the military page), these are your true offensive military force. The number is a total of all varieties of additionally trained units, and their effectiveness or strength as a whole is measured as 'Attack Power' seen at the top of the page. Working as a single entity, they will leave en masse to attack other realms for resources, or pure destruction, at your command...

Defensive Military Trained from Defensive In Training, with any number of types of additional training and equipment (via the military page), these are your defensive military force responsible for defending your realm against foreign invaders. Their numbers are a total of all varieties of additionally trained units and equipment, their effectiveness or total power measured as 'Defense Power' seen at the top of the page. On attack on your realm, every one of them will immediately engage to defend your resources, property, and citizens.

Total Population This is simply a count of all of your citizens, military and civilian, who are yours to manage throughout your realm.


The military is, as the name suggests, the place to train and demote military armed population of various strength and costs. The Military page is divided into two main categories: currently armed population and military population training.

Currently Armed Units

The Currently Armed Population (top of screen on military page) lists your current quantity of military population you have combat trained, separated into Attack then Defense division, ordered by military power. You can fully heal each population type, partially heal each population type (input the number of health points desired), or demote your population (again input how many to recovered if desired). Prices are listed for all activities. Tip: if you want to make a large purchase, consider demoting some of your military population to get the currency quickly. Military population demotion gives back a percent of cost, but can still be a great source of funds when needed badly. The Unit Self Recovery & Repair will heal your military unit type each turn by the amount of points you upgrade in it. If you purchase one point that will heal that particular military unit by one point each turn. So if you have 50 military units of that type, you will need to purchase 50 points to have each military unit heal one point per turn. If the military unit is killed in battle or you demote him, all those upgrades will go back to zero when the new military units come in. This feature can be used to auto heal your military units making it so you will never need to heal them yourself as long as the attacks on you are few in number. And lastly in this section you have your Unit Commander. Here you name the unit which will lead that military population type. Each military population type will have its own commander if you so pick one. This unit commander will keep record of all the times his forces will win or lose in battle during the course of his life.

Military Unit Training

This is where you train your attack or defense units to full combat status. The units are listed in two sections (on the right column of the screen): Attack Units and Defense Units sorted ascending by power. Units cost currency and military trainees to prepare for combat action, the strength is the base damage the units can inflict (which is multiplied your overall percent on your home page), and how much damage it can take before being lost. A military unit at 50% health only does 50% of the damage it would at maximum. You will find that units that fall into lower health lose health more quickly than ones near or at full health so it is worth keeping your units in good physical shape.


On the Research page you can upgrade your main four stats (income, attack, defense, and covert) via two options: Technology Source also known as your superpower level, and Learned Skill upgrades.

Base Points

When you register you are given 50 base points. Each of these points will give you an extra percent in the stat you place them. You have the option of placing any number of them in income, attack, defense, or covert. These base points are not the same as Learned Skill. You are limited to the number of base points you can get and the only way to obtain more is to get a premium account. Each time you upgrade your account you will obtain one to three base points. The reason these are more important than your learned skill is or two reasons: you are limited to the number of these, and the way they are used to factor your total stat bonus. (2 x 200% x 101%) 404% The base points are in bold. They are being multiplied by your superpower level and then multiplied by your learned skill making the final percent bonus potentially higher if you have a decent superpower level and learned skill to match.

Superpower Level

As you progress through the game you will be able to slowly level up in the superpower level. This level can be considered as a strength measure, as the higher level you have the stronger you must be to be able to afford it. Upgrading will open a new military unit you can train which will be stronger. Also this is a multiplier which will multiply all your stats by your current level. So if you have level 1 all your stats will be multiplied by 1, and if you have level 2 the will all be multiplied by 2, and so on. Both of these things make this level a very important and powerful upgrade as time goes by.

Learned Skill

Learned Skill is an upgrade that will up your stat you upgrade by 1 % which will then be multiplied by your superpower level and base points if placed in the same stat. Each upgrade will cause the cost of the next to increase. To obtain a good overall percent bonus you will need to have a balance between your superpower level and learned skills.


This option takes you to the universe screen, starting with players near your own rank. You can search for players here, jump to any page (30 players per page), or click on a player name to engage them. On any universe screen, clicking a player name takes you to the 'stats' page, which shows their basic information (if your covert is not high enough, it will replace their info with '????') and offers the different ways in which you can interact with them. All options are listed below, although you may not see all options with every player. You may:

Send Message This will open a window with which to send an ingame mail to this player. Crude/rude or personally threatening messages are illegal and can be reported to if you wish.

Spy This option allows you to send intelligence agents into their realm to survey their stats and inventories. If you succeed you have a *chance* to discover each of their stats. The higher your covert action above theirs, the more likely you will discover their secrets but it is not guaranteed no matter how high your covert. Multiple incursions are usually necessary to get all details. With spying, they will not know you were there unless you fail.

Assassinate This option allows you to send covert agents in to destroy enemy military units. They will keep destroying - weak military units first - until either they are not powerful enough to take on the next unit, or they feel they've destroyed enough at which point they return. All assassinate missions have casualties whether successful or not. To send an assassinate mission it uses action turns. Additionally, if an enemy has been targeted with too much covert activity, your agents will refuse to engage, and let you know about the unsuitability of such a 'busy' target. Covert actions require surprise - too much activity forces the enemy to be extra vigilant and paranoid, and prevents surprise.

Attack Attacking others is a core part of the game. If your total strike action is higher than their total defense action, you win - always holds true. Be warned - your displayed strike/defense action is your natural maximum -- depending on the day, you will achieve from 80 percent to 105 percent of this potential. Additionally, the currency you gain on winning is about 50 percent of their total open currency. This attack will slightly hurt part of your attack units and their defense units.

Destroy This is the exact same as attack above, but with one major difference. Instead of stealing the player's currency you will kill a percent of their non military population on a successful destroy mission. Here the only reward to you is the destruction of your target!

Make this user my commander! Hitting this button will make the player whose stats page you are on your commander. You are only able to change commander once per day. If you do not see this box it means that player does not want anymore officers at this time.

Give Currency* Allows you to GIVE currency to another player. This is GIVE - not lend, not trade. If you expect something in return, you are taking a large risk since the game cannot guarantee another player will honor an agreement made.

Give General Population* Allows you to GIVE general population units to another player. This is GIVE - not lend, not trade. If you expect something in return, you are taking a large risk since the game cannot guarantee another player will honor an agreement made.

  • -premium account only functions

Historic BattlesEdit

The historic battles are a log of records all attacks made by, and on your realm. It contains several pieces of information: the amount of turns used, quantitative result of the losses/gains, number of troops losses on both sides, damage done by you, damage done to you (if the damage of the enemy is too great, you can only tell that it was a LOT since you were busy running away), and finally a link to the official battle report.

Intel ReportsEdit

All covert actions taken by you are recorded here. You can review any recon mission via the 'details' link. You can also see a quick summary of the mission on the main Intel Reports screen. Additionally, missions into your realm are recorded - at least failed recon attempts on you. A successful recon does not show up at all.

Game UpdatesEdit

While this guide was correct at the time of writing (this guide IS NOT a guarantee), and will be updated periodically, the newest features, changes or enhancements are announced in the 'game updates' page, linked off the top navigation. This navigation also has links to logout, forums, and other places of interest.

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